A Storm Unrelenting: Introduction


The group has left behind Fanth after surviving the horrific events involving the Shadow Demon. Heading northeast, the group arrives in Everyl.

Tanna has managed to find herself back in the very place she hoped to flee. After their near-death experience, the group felt it necessary to recuperate in the nearest city. Her curiosity is getting the best of her, however. After the incident that occurred at the temple, she wonders how strong of a ripple was cast out across the city.

Io, feeling reluctant about the trip to Everyl, wants to keep a favorable distance between him and some of his family members in the area. He hopes for nothing else but a strong drink and a new destination outside of the city walls as soon as possible.

Moss wants a sharper lance. He thinks he can find one in Everyl.

They arrive just outside the city walls greeted by torrential rains and strong gusty winds. Rolling thunder bellows in the distance, but the storm doesn’t slow the pace of the bustling city. Although it is midday, it is dark and gloomy. The city is speckled with faint lights here and there as the group looks out onto it from the southwestern hills.



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