The Price To Pay: Introduction


Fa’en split from the group when arriving in Everyl. She needed a moment of solitude – even if it had to be inside the busy walls of the city.

The unending storm had piqued her curiosity. After taking some time to recover and absorb all that had happened in Fanth, she explored the western side of the city – the only side that wasn’t quarantined with some strange disease. Other than a few missing person notices, nothing seemed to indicate anything abnormal as she explored the market district. Confused and soaking wet, she found herself near the docks, looking out into the great lake.

Standing on the shore of the lake where many of the docks reached out into the waters, she pondered on where her journey would take her next.

It was at that moment she saw something in the water. Something moving rapidly towards the shore. A large shadowy figure just underneath the surface of the water moved with purpose and intent. As she reached for her weapon, the creature sprang up from the water and onto the shore.



Nas4at2 Nas4at2

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