World Notes

We’ll be using the 5E Forgotten Realm Deities. The table for them can be found on page 295 of the Player’s Handbook. A character can have multiple deities it worships, or none at all. I may use deities from other sources as well, but they aren’t allowed to be worshiped by the players (unless you run something by me).

Polytheistic Society

People honor deities of their own and acknowledge pantheons of other cultures. Evil alignment religions/deities are highly persecuted.

Race Breakdown

Restricted Race(s) – Tiefling
Below is a rough proportion of each race in Nindras. (Note: Tiefling is absent from chart)



Main Currency: Gold (We won’t be worry about copper, silver or any of that nonsense… as a result, some items may appear overpriced, some may be under-priced… just roll with it.)

World Notes

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